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New Website for Aristocrat Title

A new website has been published for Aristocrat Title. 

June 2024



Updated Website for Washington County Economic Growth Partnership

I'm excited to release a new version of the WCEGP website after the previous version I created was online for 10 years.

May 2024



New Website for Cybertek MSSP

Cybertek is a managed security provider (MSSP) and offers network security services to businesses nationwide.  Cybertek’s full suite of managed network services eliminate the cost and stress of operating systems in-house, allowing clients to focus on their businesses with the peace of mind of knowing that their technical infrastructure is continuously and proactively monitored and maintained by experienced technical professionals.

April 2024



Auxilium Psychological Services, Inc

Auxilium Psychological Services was founded in 2017 and is located in New Albany, Indiana.  Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or other mental health challenges, our team is here to collaborate with you on your journey toward healing and growth.

April 2024



2nd Generation of the CBT-I International Directory 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is a short term intervention where up to 70% of subjects exhibit a treatment response and nearly 40% recover good sleep. In addition, there is emerging evidence that CBT-I also produces significant clinical gains with respect to comorbid conditions. The International CBT-I Directory includes more than 500 clinicians around the world that provide CBT-I treatments to their patients. Version one of the directory was online for six years. 

The CBT-I International Directory was designed and published for the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. 

January 2024


New Website for the Washington County Tourism Bureau

Excited to have released a new website to promote tourism and community activity in Washington County

October 2023



New Website for Showdown in Naptown Masters Basketball Tournament

Excited to release a new website for the Showdown in Naptown Masters Basketball Tournament in Indianapolis.

June 2023



New Website for Wolf Glass & Paint Co.

Excited to release a new website for Wolf Glass & Paint.

June 2023



New Website for Daisy Hill Estates

Excited to release a website for Daisy Hill Estates located in Borden, Indiana

June 2023



New Website for the John Hay Center

Excited to release a new version of the John Hay Center website in Salem, Indiana.

April 2023



New Website for 1400 Willow

1400 Willow is an elegant condominium located in downtown Louisville. I have been working with 1400 Willow for many years as a part of Cybertek Engineering. I'm excited to get an opportunity to create a new online presence for them.

April 2023



New Website for Seymour Main Street

Seymour Main Street is an official Indiana Main Street Organization. The Main Street Program is a part of the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.  

January 2023




New Website for Scott County Visitors Commission

Excited to have worked with the Visitors Commission to put together a website that helps drive tourist traffic to Scott County, Indiana.

October 2022



Updated website for Lampton Baptist Church is now online

April 2022



New website published for Martin & Martin Insurance

February 2022



New John Mellencamp Mural Guestbook

Excited to work with the City of Seymour on a new Guestbook for visitors to the John Mellencamp Mural in downtown Seymour. Guests at the mural can follow a QR code at the site to visit and submit their appreciation for John's art and music.

January 2022



New Website  for the Greater Seymour Trust Fund

October 2021



New Website  for Blush & Brush Beauty Bar

October 2021


New Website for Cornucopia Farm

Excited to have completed an new website to replace the original Cornucopia Farm website that I created 10 years ago.

September 2021


New Website for the Orange County Historical Society

Excited to have completed a new website for the Orange County Historical Society

May 2021


New Website for RLM Construction

Excited to have completed a new website for RLM Construction

April 2021


New Website for the City of Seymour

Excited to have completed a new website for the City of Seymour Indiana.

November 2020



New Website goes live for Peterson Architecture

August 2020


New Website for 96.3 WJAA

96.3 is where Indiana Rocks. Listen or stream music through their App or online. 

August 2020




New Website for Renew Cannelton

Renew Cannelton, Inc.’s mission is to facilitate the revitalization of Cannelton, Indiana and the surrounding area by enhancing the attractiveness of the community and by working to preserve historic sites, buildings, objects and antiquities of significance.

February 2020


Website Management for the John Hay Center

I was offered the opportunity to manage the Wordpress website for the John Hay Center. The Washington County Historical Society provides stewardship of the John Hay Center. The John Hay Center includes the Stevens Memorial Museum, The Pioneer Village and the Depot. The John Hay Center is located in Salem, Indiana.

February 2020


New Website for Blue River Friends

Blue River Friends is an historic Quaker community located northeast of Salem Indiana. The early quakers arrived in the early 1800's after traveling by covered wagon from North Carolina. The website is assisting in fundraising for the Hicksite Meeting House in the Quaker Settlement. The building is the old extant Quaker meeting house located in Indiana.

October 2019



New Website for Midwest Rancher

Midwest Rancher believes that ranch supplies can be quality built, look good, and still be reasonably priced. 

March 2019





New Website for Brownstown Ewing Main Street

Brownstown Ewing Main Street is passionate about making our community a nicer, more enjoyable place to live. They pride themselves in making improvements and holding fun, relaxed community events for citizens to enjoy!

February 2019 




New Website for Sleep Health Center

Sleep Health Center, PLLC was started by Dr. Ryan Wetzler in 2018 to increase availability of sleep and health psychology services.  


September 2018 



New website for Pearl Medical Care Center

Pearl Medical was left between a rock and a hardplace when their prior web designer was unable to restore their website after an issue and a new Wordpress install was problematic. I created a new website for them quickly and consolidated their domains behind the new website. 


September 2018



New website for the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

The leadership of the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine hired Sweet Brier Media to develop a new website to promote their new industry certification. Sweet Brier Media collaborated to define the functionality, integration and visual appearance for the new website. 


May 2018


H Line6


New Website for Michael A Young and IN GOD'S PRESENCE

I've been working with Michael for several years now. Michael is the composer of numerous musical compositions. His compositions have earned him a Grammy Nomination. He is also a writer for the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Michael and IN GOD'S PRESENCE share their ministry at churches and special events across the country. 


March 2018


New Home Inspections Inc. Website Published

Home Inspections Inc. has been providing comprehensive home inspections to the Louisville, Kentucky area, including Southern Indiana, for more than 30 years. It is always a pleasure working with Ken Osborne on his marketing efforts.


 January 2018

What I'm Reading this Month


September 2017

New CBT-I Provider Directory for the University of Pennsylvania 

In an effort to create a comprehensive list of Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I)  providers, the Penn Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program has collected contact and certification information for CBT-I providers across the national and world. 

I have developed a CBT-I Provider directory website as a worldwide resource for people suffering from insomnia. The website allows people to locate CBT-I Providers in their location and review their experience and qualifications.


September 2017

Website Support Services for Best Vineyards & Best Distillery

I'm excited to be working with Best Vineyards & Distillery to support and manage their website and use my experience to help them to continue to grow their brand. Best Vineyards has a long list of awards for their wines and they have recently expanded into spirts as well. For more information please visit


September 2017   


 New Website for MC Aquatics in Southern Indiana

I'm excited to be working with MC Aquatics in Brownstown, Indiana. Word of mouth referrals mean the world to me and I'm glad to have received one for this account. I re-developed the website and overall layout along with a variety of other usability changes. MC Aquatics is a lake and pond management company that specializes in aquatic weed control at residential and commercial properties. 


July 2017

Downtown New Albany has changed so much over the past 10 years and I look forward to the next 10 years in this historic community. The website contains a variety of information on the events, new businesses and people of the downtown area. 


June 2017

Historic Knightstown School Building

Main Street Roundtable Meeting

I was excited to be able to present my Main Street Organization observations to a meeting hosted by Knightstown Main Street in Historic Knightstown, Indiana. Knightstown is of course the location of the famous gym used for filming in the movie Hoosiers. The gym is located just behind the Knightstown Academy building pictured above. This second empire style building was built in 1876 as the Quaker Academy and is such a wonderful structure for their downtown. Notice the globe and the telescope on top of the structure pointing to the heavens.

New Indiana County Treasurers' Association Website

The Indiana County Treasurers' Association represents the 92 treasurers serving in the State. The website includes a member directory, member portal, member forum, site calendar and many other features to support the communication and collaboration among members. 


May 2017

New Website for Seymour Main Street

Seymour Main Street is an official Indiana Main Street Organization. The Main Street Program is a part of the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.  


May 2017

What I'm Reading this Month

I really enjoyed this book. It provided a clear picture into the evolution of marketing and advertising for me as a small business marketer. It had some solid insights for me as I develop websites and marketing campaigns for my small business customers. 

February 2017

Survey Marketing Now Available at Sweet Brier Media

Sweet Brier Media is pleased to be providing our website clients with Survey Marketing services starting in 2017. Our customized surveys can be embedded in a page on their website or sent out via email. For more information on this service please visit. 


April 2017

New Website for Ryex Services Published

Ryex Services is a small family-owned business that specializes in forestry mulching and tree stump removal in Southern Indiana. I look forward to working with Ryex to increase their website traffic by redefining their website content into a more search engine friendly platform that clearly defines their unique selling proposition. 


February 2017

What I'm Reading this Month

Picked up this book at Barnes & Noble the other day and breezed through it.  I found some of the psychological aspects of the book most interesting. Specifically "The Rat Brain: Why email is so addictive" chapter provided me some great insights for when I design and craft email messages for my clients.  Some of the book I found to be more focused on email newbies and people that find themselves at the mercy of a daily onslaught of emails. 

December 2016

What I'm Reading this Month

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Enjoyed Seth's motivation methods and his encouraging of self awareness through challenging yourself to be a person of action, not words.  

December 2016  

New Belfry Theatre Website

The Belfry Theatre has a long history that dates back to 1965. The mission of the organization is to create interest and participation in community theater by providing quality, entertaining theatrical productions. The theatre holds several productions each year


New Keep Noblesville Beautiful Website Published

Keep Noblesville Beautiful (KNB) is a community improvement organization providing educational programs and community action programs to the general public in the Noblesville, Indiana area.


December 2016

What I'm Reading this Month

All Marketers are Liars

Learned a great deal about the Art of the Story and what makes a good marketing story from this book. 
August 2016

Veterans Court of Southern Indiana

Excited to have finished a website that serves military veterans in Southern Indiana that experience legal troubles.

The Veterans Court of Southern Indiana is a specialized court that closely monitors veterans in the court system who want treatment for alcohol/substance addiction or serious mental health illness. The mission is to successfully rehabilitate veterans involved in the court system using evidence based treatment to positively change their behavior to lead productive, law-abiding civilian lives.


August 2016


What I'm Reading this Month

I've been a fan of Seth Godin since Purple Cow. Seth has a wonderful ability to identify the shifts occurring in our economy and lifestyles before they happen and organize strategies to make the best of the changes.  The primary focus of this book is employees looking to secure their place in a digital world, versus entrepreneurs, but the strategies do cover multiple business perspectives.  

August 2016 

Greyhound Pets of America - Indianapolis Chapter

Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) - Indianapolis is a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, a national non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. GPA - Indianapolis is staffed by dedicated volunteers that provide adoption services for retired greyhounds. 

Sweet Brier Media created a responsive website that includes a customized volunteer portal resource center, online calendar, online registration and adoption galleries. 


Updated July 2016

Dial 9-1-1 for the Clark County Emergency Management

The Clark County, Indiana Office of Emergency Communications, also known as the Clark County 911 Center, operates 24 hours a day seven days a week and is responsible for answering all 911 and non-emergency calls for the citizens of Clark County, Indiana.

The Clark County 9-1-1 website project included a responsive design website with an improved layout, employee portal and embedded weather reporting, online form submission and calls to action concerning Dialing 9-1-1 and using a Text 9-1-1 service.

This website was designed and built for a CyberTek client.


Updated June 2016


Celebrate with the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville

The Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence. Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day.

The project for the Boys & Girls Club included a new website that allowed the Club staff to accept online event registrations and online payments in addition to a Club Calendar, improved graphics and organization, photo wall and responsive design for mobile and tablet viewing. 


Updated June 2016


Congratulations Solutions Group Incorporated on your new Website

Congratulations to John Knable of Solutions Group Inc. (SGI) on your new website by Sweet Brier Media. Solutions Group Inc. is a manufacturers representative in the building industry. SGI covers several product lines in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee.  


Updated May 2016


New Golf Shores Fun Center Website Project

Golf Shores Fun Center is an entertainment business located in Corydon, Indiana. The mission of Golf Shores is to provide a place for children of all ages to relax and enjoy a quality miniature golf experience, a birthday party, a video game, or just a hot dog and a soda. The prior website for Golf Shores Fun Center was many years old and was not visually compelling and didn't provide much value from a web traffic point of view. 

The new website designed by Sweet Brier Media was designed to highlight vibrant colors and bring in an element of fun and entertainment to the website.

This website was designed and built for a CyberTek client. 


Updated April 2016


Clark County Youth Shelter & Family Services Inc Website Project

The Clark County Youth Shelter was a wonderful project to build a mobile-friendly website.  Their prior website was rather haphazard and wasn't responsive to mobile devices.

The new website created by Sweet Brier Media improved the overall organization of content, improved the clarity of the mission and incorporated fresh graphics. One of the challenges with the Youth Shelter website was that due to privacy concerns the Shelter had limited photos available to use. Most businesses and organizations have some images available to use on their website. The preferred colors and fonts were incorporated into the website along with Calls to Action identifing various ways to support the mission of the Clark County Youth Sheter.

This website was designed and built for a CyberTek client.


Updated April 2016 

Sweet Brier Media is excited to become a member of the Shopify Partner Program. 

Becoming a partner with Shopify will enable Sweet Brier Media to deliver customized e-commerce solutions to our small business clients. According to Forrester, e-retail sales in the US are expected to grow 57% in the next few years. For small businesses, this represents an opportunity to get new customers or reach your existing ones in different ways.

Shopify is a leading cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants can use the software to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. The platform also provides merchants with a powerful back-office and a single view of their business. The Shopify platform was engineered for reliability and scale, using enterprise-level technology made available to businesses of all sizes. Shopify currently powers over 243,000 businesses in approximately 150 countries.

Updated March 2016


What I'm Reading this Month


I find Seth Godin's Tribes book to be culturally precise in what it takes to grow a business or organization in the modern economy. It was a motivational speech wrapped around the need for community building in the modern digital economy. I really enjoyed this book and found it very useful for my daily interactions with clients looking to grow their business, cause or organization.

March 2016


Floyd County Indiana Government

New Website for the Floyd County Clerk's Office

I'm excited to have recently released a new website for the Floyd County Indiana Clerk's Office.  County Clerk's cover a wide range of duties (court cases, elections, jury duty, child support and more) within local government and it was a challenge to bring all of the information together. Previously the Clerk's information existed within the Floyd County Government Website. Hope you enjoy the usability of this new website. 


This website was released in February 2016.

Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

New Website for the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine is a national/international organization with the following mission: Behavioral Sleep Medicine is the field of clinical practice and scientific inquiry that encompasses: the study of behavioral, psychological, and physiological factors underlying normal and disordered sleep across the life span. 

Continued development through the website is growing the membership and building an organization based on the factors involved in sleep behaviorals.
The society is based from the Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.


This website was released in January 2016



Dan Neel Selected to be a DMOZ Editor

After several attempts over the years, I was recently accepted to this volunteer position!

What is the DMOZ Project?

The DMOZ Project is the largest human edited directory in the world. Volunteers applicants are screened and evaluated and then trained to ensure the online directory is maintained and operated by specific guidelines and kept up to date. The DMOZ has multiple benefits for websites, none more important than being able to tell search engines that your website is listed on the most successful Internet directory. 

How did I become a DMOZ Editor?

Over the years I submitted my entry to the DMOZ on several occasions but would never hear back. It was a bit challenging and I would learn a little bit more about the project each time I would go through the application process.  I recently received my approval letter and I'm actively managing a category on the DMOZ.

Why did I become a DMOZ Editor

Over the years I grew tired of seeing obsolete information showing for the categories related to my community. I just decided I wanted to help with this project and ensure quality websites are included for my community and obsolete listings with absent URL's are removed.


Michael A Young & IN GOD'S PRESENCE Fellowship Banquet 

Award Received from Michael A Young and IN GOD'S PRESENCE

It was wonderful to be able to share an evening with the members of Michael A Young and IN GOD'S PRESENCE at their Annual Fellowship Banquet in Louisville. Michael A. Young and IN GOD'S PRESENCE won the 2015 Rhythym of Gospel Award for "Traditional Choir of the Year".   I wasn't expecting to receive an award that evening but I did. It is great to be able to contribute to the growth of this organization through managing their website content. 
Dec 2015

Pictured above Brenda James representing Michael A Young and IN GOD'S PRESENCE and myself.



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